Meaning is Not Necessary

Postnihilism is a philosophical movement I've been working to articulate and define since 2019. The underpinning axiom of Postnihilism is this: meaning is not necessary. 

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Definition of Nihilism

Postnihilism is a philosophical stance that challenges the traditional emphasis on grand cosmic meaning and purpose. It states that meaning is not necessary or intrinsic to life. Postnihilism values individual subjective experiences and struggles, embracing the transience and uniqueness of each moment. It encourages following intrinsic motivations and curiosity rather than extrinsic forces. Postnihilism does not deny that meaning can be found, but sees it as a secondary pursuit, not the supreme goal of existence. The central axiom of postnihilism is that meaning is not necessary. It focuses on the individual's journey rather than a universal narrative.

In summary, postnihilism moves beyond nihilism by letting go of the demand for overarching meaning and instead finding value in subjective lived experiences, appreciating each ephemeral moment, and pursuing intrinsic goals and motivations. It liberates the individual from the constraints of searching for objective cosmic purpose.



Central Axioms:



In summary, postnihilism integrates influences from postmodernism, Eastern philosophy, psychology, and anthropology to form a perspective centered on the individual, intrinsic motivations, the rejection of religious/cosmic metanarratives, and an embrace of the transient nature of existence.

Nihilistic Crisis

In essence, the nihilistic crisis stems from abandonment at all levels - personal, societal, and cosmic. This abandons the individual to their own devices in trying to find meaning and purpose without traditional religious/cultural narratives to hold onto. The result is an existential crisis, confusion, and despair at the apparent meaninglessness of existence.

Postnihilism attempts to provide an alternative philosophical stance to move constructively beyond this nihilistic crisis, letting go of the need for cosmic meaning and focusing instead on subjective meaning, intrinsic motivations, and appreciation for the transient present moment.