Assertive Autism Advocacy

Assertive Autism Advocacy

The Triple-A Manifesto

Mission Statement

Improve the quality of life for autistic people everywhere.

Problem Statement

Autistic people suffer anxiety, depression, and PTSD at extremely high rates. This fact is no longer acceptable to us. There are numerous reasons for this trend: lack of support; lack of understanding, being targeted for bullying, harassment, and abuse; systematic abandonment, alienation, and isolation; pathologizing of healthy needs and behaviors; and more.

Methods & Strategies


This document is a simple yet robust roadmap, a comprehensive set of strategies that serves to simplify and organize a decentralized, grassroots movement. It is a set of principles that anyone can abide by to advance the agenda outlined in the Mission Statement. You can participate in a million different ways, whether you employ these strategies at work, at home, in fiction, in videos, in podcasts, in policy. Wherever. 

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Assertive Autism Advocacy.pdf