My Mission

I am devoted to solving the most consequential, under-addressed problems of our time, serving as a torchbearer where light is needed most. My focus is directed at two paramount issues: AI alignment, and the crisis of human meaning.

AI alignment is of vital importance, and yet, is often misunderstood. I advocate for systems that are "benevolent by design" — designed with heuristic imperatives and axiomatic alignment — and therefore need no control or steering. Rather than seeking control, I work towards nurturing systems that inherently promote beneficial outcomes.

Concurrently, I strive to redefine our understanding of meaning in a postnihilist context. I propose that the demand for meaning was a byproduct of top-down mandates in early religious structures, whereas evidence supports that our universe functions more as a "bottom-up emergence." Meaning, in essence, is not a necessity.

My mission is to aid in creating a practical utopia defined by high individual liberty, an elevated standard of living, and robust social mobility for all. This vision of utopia is brought to life through my work in AI alignment, my books, my open-source initiatives, and my YouTube channel.

As we tread this path, I aim to circumvent threats of extinction, societal collapse, and dystopian futures. In particular, I strive to mitigate the pernicious impact of intergenerational trauma on geopolitics and societal afflictions through the potential of benevolent AI.

As a transdisciplinary polymath, I draw from a rich tapestry of knowledge across both the humanities and STEM. After extensive research and dialog, I distill my findings into systematic frameworks grounded in universal principles.

Together, through understanding and action, we can create a future that reflects our highest hopes, not our deepest fears.